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About us


Here is something about us here.

Who we are?

We are a world best business site which you can find on world-wide web. We are in this business for over 4 years. We are passionate experts and professionals who help you and show you how to make money with proven world best easy businesses and some are also free businesses you can join and make good income for you and your  family. We are mostly focused on cryptographic currency as its new and its very good and safe.

What we do?

We teach you and show you world best online businesses related to crypto graphic currency and other income related businesses.

We also provide advertisers good advertising fees per month who want to use our traffic to get them conversions and more income for their businesses.

About banner advertising

Also we provide banner advertising and if you pay more to us for your adverts, we will write for you your own promotions website with good SEO( Search Engine Optimisation) which can get you even more traffic and more visitors.

Advertisements payment link is this:

You specify the amount as it depends what you want from us.


What we offer?

We offer you  banner publishing if you pay more to us for your adverts, we compose for you your own particular promotion site with great SEO( Search Engine Optimisation) which can get you significantly more activity and more visits.

We have our own  web shop where you can find very good priced products with fast shipping to your doorstep. We have our own affiliate membership place where you can promote and sell our products from web shop and get commission to you paid every month if its above 20 USD to Pay-pal.

We offer you registration as vendor for 25 USD permanently on our website and have your own web shop as part of our website.

You can pay for it here:


Where we are located?

Good question. We are located in country of Croatia, city of Rijeka. More information about this you can find on website.


What we are looking for?

  •   Vendors who want to sell their stuff on our website with their own product prices
  •   Advertisers with good websites to help them make money as we love to help others and its the goal of this website.


Our Traffic


Currently we have per month between 70 000 to 100 000 visitors and 8 to 10 visits per visitor.

We offer you banner advertising with these banner sizes:

OWN PAGE for promotion with review and SEO: 20 USD 6 Months.

CPL basis: —————————————- 10 USD.

CPA basis——————————————-5-10 USD depends on advertisement.

CPM basis——————————————0.10 USD per 1000 impressions.

Side banner 250×250—————————–10 USD

Side banner 350×250—————————–10 USD

Top banner 728×90——————25 USD

Footer banner full 728×90———–15 USD

Interstitial—————————-20 USD



Prices are monthly.

Please send us after payment your html code of your banners with respective sizes.


Thank you for reading this site about us.

We hope you will learn a lot with our help and if you need any help about the website, simply send us email with your inquiry here:[wpneo_crowdfunding_dashboard]