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Beware of scam websites

Tragically, fruitful ICOs pull in con artists and programmers. This article will demonstrate to you the most widely recognized dangers and ideally remain safe.

Phishing sites

You may run over messages in which connects to phishing sites are shared. Tapping the connection will take you to a site that looks precisely like a prevalent wallet or trade; yet when you enter the login and the secret key, the programmer will approach your record.

Counterfeit ICO destinations

These sites may look practically indistinguishable to the first ICO site yet demonstrate an alternate Ethereum address. In the event that you send your assets there, you will clearly not get any H2O tokens.

Frequently, the deliver looks fundamentally the same as the first. For instance, would you be able to tell at first look that HydroMlNER contains a “L” in Miner rather than the “I”?

We prescribe you to be careful of alternate malevolent destinations and illuminate us promptly on the off chance that you run over any of those. It might likewise be helpful to peruse about Dave Appleton’s understanding here.

Look at the address of the site and ensure it is right or even enter it physically for additional security.

Security agenda

Underneath we have plot an agenda helping you to remain secure:

Empower 2FA (two-factor confirmation) on the majority of your records;

Utilize a solid secret key

Stay away from auto-sparing your login subtle elements including the secret key on ICO sites;

Try not to share your login data with anybody and keep it in a sheltered place;

Try not to open any messages from the obscure senders got by means of Slack, Telegram or email;

Try not to believe any sites and the data they’re expressing in connection to us or other than that which we distribute by means of our official media, to be specific