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Recruting new members to your SFI team

Should you try to recruit people to become SFI affiliates when they are not English speakers/readers?

Yes, please go ahead and recruit people to become SFI Affiliates regardless of their individual mother-tongues.
My 10-point Reasons are as follows:

1. SFI is a business venture that can be understood by everybody around the world; so, inability to speak/read English is NOT a barrier.

2. In like manner, SFI is a business that can be practiced by everybody around the world – whether or not the person can speak/read English.

3. In every part of the world, there is ‘Network Marketing”; and SFI Business is built around that major industry.

4. SFI products, particularly ‘health & wellness’ related, are GOOD for everybody, regardless of their language.

5. Also, TripleClicks (TC)Products can be beneficial to everybody around the world;

6. SFI Affiliate Websites & TC Product Gateways are constructed with simple, understandable English language that everybody worldwide can comprehend.

7. The willpower, determination, desire and commitment to succeed in business as well as being a team player are all embedded in every person around the world, not only in those people who speak/read English language.

8. Our problems of life (particularly in Internet Business), are with the so-called “Gurus” in Internet Marketing – who always attempt, in their eBooks, Websites and other communication presentation materials, to “impress” people (or show-off) with their (unnecessary) sense of technical language; and by so doing, they (“Gurus”) end up confusing people all over the world with their undesired jargons.

9. SFI is NOT built around these ‘confusionists”. Instead, SFI is presented in simple, understandable English; and so, we can bring people of all language backgrounds up to become SFI Affiliates – for as long as they possess the qualities for succeeding in business as summarized in Item No. 7 above.

10. All said, there is even the availability of gaining access to Google Translator by everybody; and this laudable software can help a lot of people to translate some English presentation into some major languages across the Globe. That is a PLUS for an existing Affiliate wanting to bring in SFI Affiliates that seem to have some English language barriers.

In conclusion, I wish to emphasize that you should please, go ahead and recruit people of other languages to become SFI Affiliates, regardless of their individual mother-tongues.

Most assuredly, your willpower and exemplary leadership qualities will see you through in getting very many SFI Affiliates on board.