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Starbucks Chairman Is Crazy on Blockchain,but is Cold on Bitcoin


Starbucks Chairman Howard Shultz aforementioned the coffee chain plans to include blockchain technology and digital currencies into its long payment technology strategy, and hopes to “expand digital client relationships.”

Shultz doesn’t, however, believe that bitcoin can play a job in this strategy, remarking that he did not believe the first cryptocurrency would “be a currency nowadays or within the future.”

He processed that Starbucks isn’t developing a digital currency or saying associate investment in blockchain or cryptocurrencies, however would love to use its stature to lend believability to those technologies.


Shultz created the remarks within the company’s quarterly capitalist decision, that were afterwards reported by diginomica.

Starbucks, he added, is unambiguously positioned to require advantage of the changes.

“We suppose we’ve got one thing to supply the businesses that square measure chasing this, as a result of we tend to square measure in a very position to make the sure legitimate place during which this might be accepted and probably cash in of the mobile payment digital platform that we’ve got created.”

The platform Shultz observed is Starbucks’ mobile payment app, launched in 2015, that allows customers to pay and order in-app, whereas accruing rewards.

Mobile payments

Mobile payments represent nearly one third of Starbucks’ U.S. transactions, and as a result, Shultz aforementioned Starbucks is considering implementing cashless stores within the U.S.

Starbucks features a history of clench leading-edge payment solutions. It adopted sq. because the exclusive processor of all of its debit and mastercard transactions within the season of 2012, tho’ the connection later dissolved.

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