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Ways to get money and Versapoints in SFI

For a variety of ways you can get vp, and it is working, gaming, work and work again:


1. 100 vp of Booster Club Member when it set (only big package)

2. 100 VP per yours PSA EA after you begin first EA.

3. TC gathering of Ttime + MRP, and converting the versa poen.

4. Spin& Win game-if you are lucky, that’s vp, everyone normally gets 5 VP for sure.

5. Daily Grand-game every day, you can get 200 vp

6. Card King -through it you can also get vp .

7. By capturing droplets of the auction, you can get 4 tc and thus collect more VP .

8. By purchasing a package NMP (500 vp + additional opportunities)

9. Purchase / sale of any product will receive a certain amount of securities (according to product specifications) .

10. The rating of the purchased product -every product you buy Aimata real assess, except as a digital e-book for example, and others, 25 vp per product.

11. Resolving to-do lists get vp, funny but true, every versa poen is important .

12. Weekly Task also give vp.

13. Auction-each bid a 1 vp, max 1000 a month + PSA Spin.

14. Each played a game in which you spend TC gives 1 VP per game, 500 VP max .

15. Each Member listing maximum 100 per month .

16. For completing the SFI/Sponsor/Co-Sponsor ratings form.

17. For setting monthly goals before the 10th.

18. Create and upload your TripleClicks Avatar.

19. Points won from DistribuSTAR Daily Drawing VersaPoints prize.

20. Gift card distributions (Maximum 300 VP per month).

21. Approval of Master Card Payoneer over SFI gives you 500 vp

22. For each approved/activated ECA (E-Commerce Associate) you refer to TripleClicks.100 VP for each approved/activated ECA you refer to TripleClicks.
100VP will be granted only when reffered ECA makes sale of min 10$.

23. Versa Points can get progress in the next level of competition that is called Badge Quest Leaderboard

24. Buy Builder Bundle 1500 VP (100 TCredits + PSAs, CSAs, and more!)

Good luck!

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3 thoughts to “Ways to get money and Versapoints in SFI”

  1. Good tips Alen thank you very much for telling us that. You are great person and that SFI site is the greatest one ever online.

  2. I invested in Future Net in August 2017 and so far I can say, they are calculating the profit the way they promised. I came across this company as my good friend who is with them told me and showed that is really working and it is profitable. I did also a lot of research that you should only invest the money you can afford to loose as you never know how long they are going to make a profit. What I would like to see more from Future Net is more facts about their profits but knowing that I still took a risk. One tips from me, what most people will not tell you is that it is good to have some kind of strategy to make some profit in Future Net, what I have been doing so far is just reinvesting for the last 2,5 months.

  3. Yeah i really like your website man. It helped me already a lot and thank you so much. You are the best ever man.

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